Galloway Clan Crest Sgian Brew

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Clan Crest Sgian Brew

It’s a sgian dubh. No, it’s a bottle opener. No, it’s a bottle opener that looks like a sgian dubh! Whether you are attending a wedding or other event, many venues these days get all bent out of shape about “weapons”. And you may not be able to convince them that your sgian dubh is not a knife, but just a simple dress accessory. In those cases, you need a sgian brew! Made in Scotland. These are made to order.

  • Made in Scotland
  • Fits in Your Hose
  • Hundreds of Clan Crests Available
  • High-Quality Stainless Steel Blade
    • No Sharp Edge
    • Curved to Open Bottles
  • Very Similar to a Real Sgian Dubh


Clan Crest Sgian Dubhs

Scots make our Clan Crest Sgian Brew in Glasgow. They fit into your hose, and don’t fall out, like some other sgian brews. Our Clan Crest Stag Handle Sgian Dubh have a small clan crest badge inlaid into the end of the antler handle. Choose from 6 different stone colors for your Fancy Sgian Dubh. They’re specially made in Scotland. The sheath features a trefoil knot on the tip, and an intricate Celtic knot near the opening. 

Our Pewter Thistle Clan Crest Sgian Dubh is an upgraded version of our standard clan crest sgian dubh.  Scottish crafters make it with higher quality materials than the standard sgian dubh, and they inlay the clan crest into the handle. You also have the choice of 6 colors for the stone, rather than the one color for the standard sgian dubh. Our Pewter Celtic Knot Clan Crest Sgian Dubh features Celtic knot detailing on the handle and sheath. If you’d like an even more useful sgian dubh, check out The Officer Clan Crest Sgian Dubh. It features a corkscrew and bottle opener. Lastly, the Thistle Mount Clan Crest Sgian Dubh features your clan crest and choice of stone color (out of 6 colors). The thistle motif on the sheath tip and the thistle mount around the opening of the sheath set it apart.

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