Scots Gaelic for Beginners Talk Now

Scots Gaelic for Beginners Talk Now

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  • The latest edition of Euro Talk’s Scottish Gaelic for beginners
  • Use a CD-ROM or download to your computer for convenient access
  • Makes learning Scottish Gaelic easy with addictive games and activities
  • Features nine different topics and essential vocabulary you can use


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Scots Gaelic for Beginners Talk Now

If you take pride in your Scottish culture and heritage, but can’t speak Gaelic, look no further than this Scottish Gaelic For Beginners language course! As a complete beginner, you’ll soon fall in love with this interactive (and addictive) method. You can record yourself to practice your pronunciation and fine-tune your accent and speaking abilities! As soon as you’re done with this course, you’ll be booking a trip to Scotland to show off your newfound Gaelic language skills. Just make sure you print off your printable phrasebook to reinforce your skills on the journey as you go back to your roots! If English isn’t your base language, no problem! This program works with 120 base languages to choose from. 

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6 reviews for Scots Gaelic for Beginners Talk Now

  1. Steve

    I love languages speak just 8 of them just now – but with Scot’s heritage what’s not to love about learning Gaelic? Although Pictish would be better – but then no one knows that one any more! Easy to operate, two voices speaking – one male and one female, and fun playing all the games! Rachaibh air a shon!

  2. Micheal G

    Seems to be good, I like the way they do it in both the male and female speakers as it gives you a better understanding of what it should sound like.

  3. DAVID A. C

    I like the material being presented by both male and female speakers. It allows you to hear speech differences. The games help a lot . But the best feature is being able to record your self speaking and compare it to the native speakers.

  4. TERRY A

    Thank you for the great service; ordered Sunday night, shipped Monday, received Wednesday

  5. Wayne H

    A very good way to start to learn Gaelic. I am anxious to see what the advanced instructional cd’s have to offer.

  6. Sandyb

    seems to be a good program but could use a more detailed booklet with instructions. Have not been able to try the games but think they will help me to learn faster.

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