Inverurie Green Gem Pewter Plaid Brooch

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  • Made in Glasgow, Scotland, the Inverurie Pewter Plaid Brooch uses the finest quality pewter
  • The Celtic inspiration is evident in the knot border design that is inspired by the Pictish stone carvings of Inverurie
  • It measures 2.5 inches in diameter–ideal for a great kilt or a beautiful accessory for your fly plaid
  • Choose from 5 stone colors: blue, green, purple, red, and yellow


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Add the rich heritage of Scotland to your kilted outfit with this stylish and high-quality pewter plaid brooch. Inspired by the world-famous Pictish stone carvings of Inverurie, each one features an intricate and detailed Celtic knot design around the border.

Choose between five eye-catching stone colors to match your favorite kilt. While gorgeous, this kilt pin is a little light, but still a terrific accessory for a great kilt. However, it looks stunning attached to a fly plaid. Measuring 2.5 inches in diameter, this kilt pin is cast in Glasgow, Scotland, using the finest quality pewter.

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