CD – Daithi Sproule and Laura MacKenzie – The Pinery

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Some of our Favorites-
Mag McDermott’s/Dermot McLaughlin’s
Bonnie Dundee/Pawky Adam Glen/Wee Totum Fogg
The Pinery Boy
To Limerick We Will Go/Woo’d and Married and A’/I Hae a Wife O’ My Ain
Farewell To Minnesota

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CD — Daithi Sproule and Laura MacKenzie — The Pinery

Daith­i Sproule, well-known for his pioneering guitar styles, deep knowledge of Irish song and his place in the internationally acclaimed Irish supergroup Altan, is a brilliant musician and virtual font of cultural knowledge and lore. Laura MacKenzie has been
recognized as a master folk artist and has received numerous honors and awards for her dedication and work in traditional music. Sproule and MacKenzie have been making music together since the days of the Northern Star Ceili Band, and now offer their first duo recording, featuring a rich gamut of traditional Irish and Scottish music plus Sproule’s original compositions.

The Pinery is truly a duet creation, throughout the instrumentals (airs, reels, jigs,
double hornpipes) and the songs. MacKenzie™s arsenal of wind-powered instruments
(flutes, whistles, pipes, and concertina) are all featured, joined by Sproule™s fresh and
innovative guitar accompaniments and solos. “They are both esteemed singers as well, and selections from their treasure trove of traditional songs are presented in beautiful arrangements.”



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1 review for CD – Daithi Sproule and Laura MacKenzie – The Pinery

  1. Mike H.

    This is a great CD. I will play this one alot.

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