Braveheart Ancient Kilt

Black Watch Ancient Homespun Wool Blend Ancient Kilt – 36W 21L

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Homespun Wool Blend Ancient Kilt

What is an Ancient Kilt?

These are the same style kilts worn in the movie Braveheart! Our Ancient Kilts are perfect for Renaissance festivals, weddings, reenactment events, or a distinctive look at your next Highland games. Depending on who you talk to, they may be historically accurate or not, but our Ancient Kilt is much cooler and more practical than a Great Kilt for hot weather wear. We recommend them to anyone looking for the Renaissance Highland look.

How is it different?

The Ancient Kilt is basically a Phillabeg with an extra 2-3 yards of tartan attached. You use this extra tartan as a sash or fly plaid that you wear over your shoulder after you pleat the kilt. An Ancient Kilt is different from a Great Kilt, because it is made from a longer piece of single-width fabric (25-30 inches wide). This means you don’t have the bulk of fabric above the belt that you do with a great kilt. (Great kilts are made from double-width fabric, 54-60 inches wide).

About Homespun Tartan

We make this kilt to order in the USA from our Homespun wool blend tartan. We make our Homespun tartan from a 55/45 blend of polyester and wool. The weavers that make our Homespun Tartan weave by hand using old-world looms. This makes our tartan look similar to tartan woven by the average Scot circa 1500. The weaver uses loosely spun worsted yarn, compared to yarn used for machine-made tartan. The cloth is also not as tightly woven. Homespun tartan will pleat by hand easily, but will not develop a sharp edge. Since our supplier hand weaves our Homespun Tartan, you may find small snags, pulls, holes and other assorted blemishes. These flaws are a natural part of its character. Homespun is approximately a 10/11 oz. fabric, but feels thicker due to it’s looser weave.

Incidentally, plaid over left shoulder is not a hard and fast rule. It most likely originated as a practical way to keep the plaid off your sword arm. You might want to wear the plaid over your right shoulder, if you are left-handed. Just let us know — we can Cheater Pleat™ your kilt either way you want!



  • 6-yard Ancient Kilt fits up to about a 38-inch waist.
  • 8-yard Ancient Kilt fits up to about a 48-inch waist.
  • 10-yard Ancient Kilt fits up to about a 54-inch waist.
  • Larger kilts are available. Please contact us.

Depending on waist size, pleats will vary between one and two inches wide (pleats will get wider as waist size increases). If your waist size is close to one of the limits above, consider the next size larger if you want deeper pleats or pleats closer together.

How to measure for your Ancient Kilt

  1. Have someone help you. If you bend even a little while trying to do it yourself, the measurements will change.
  2. Kilt Waist: Measure the waist size at your actual waist, where you usually wear your pants.
  3. Kilt Length: Measure the length from your waist to about the middle of the knee.


Weight 1.55 lbs
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