Clan Crest Sporran
Clan Crest Sporran
Sporran chain correctly attached to a Sporran
Sporran Suspender
Clan Crest Sporran

Clan Crest Sporran

4.22 out of 5 based on 9 customer ratings
9 Customer reviews
  • The Clan Crest Sporran is genuine leather; features an authentically made-in-Scotland clan crest of your choice
  • The Celtic Croft assembles this sporran in-house so we can personally guarantee its authenticity and premium quality
  • This piece displays an embossed Celtic knot design, an emblem of eternity and fidelity that adds to the distinctiveness of the piece
  • Create a bespoke accessory for your highland dress by choosing from over 200 lead-free pewter clan crest badges


Clan Crest Sporran

The Celtic Croft’s Clan Crest Sporran is the perfect complement to your next highland dress occasion. Channel centuries of a proud family legacy by displaying an authentic pewter clan crest, made in Scotland. We offer 200+ clan crests from which you can choose. In addition, your sporran comes with a chain strap in an array of sizes. Or, if you prefer, choose a sporran suspender to provide further customization. A snap closure makes this Clan Crest Sporran a practical accessory designed for ease-of-use. With this sharp black leather sporran, you can root yourself in the past while standing out in the present.

9 reviews for Clan Crest Sporran

  1. Kit

    perfect fore what I needed it for.

  2. Kit

    perfect fore what I needed it for.

  3. Randall P.

    A very handsome sporran at a good price from the Crofts’! Insignia is done well and I’m not concerned that it will fall off like some others I’ve seen at the games.

  4. Lana

    I personally am disappointed with the quality – good leather should feel soft – this thing is hard as a board; the crest pin looks cheap – having said that your service was good and item arrived quickly. The giftee might actually like it – don’t know if he’s as picky about quality as I am

  5. Russell D

    This sporran looks really sharp and is well made. A great value.

  6. Brian M.

    Not too expensive, but very good quality leather. It is very sturdy. a little tricky with the button but its very good overall

  7. Wm W


  8. Erik

    Great looking, perfect price, disappointed its only about an inch thick for carrying space

  9. Stueart R.

    this is an excellent Sporran very fast and well done

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