Encircled Trinity Pin Brooch

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  • Bar Pin and Closure on Back
  • Triskele Knot Design
  • Green and Blue Enamel
  • Shiny Chromed Metal
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Encircled Trinity Pin Brooch

Small circular pin decorated with green and blue enamel, inset with a chromed metal trinity knot design. There is a bar pin on the back of the design for fastening the brooch to your clothing. Comes in a nice box.

  • Bar Pin and Closure on Back
  • Trinity Knot Design
  • Green and Blue Enamel
  • Shiny Chromed Metal

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The triquetra is a three leafed design also called a trinity knot. Many Celtic people wear or display objects with a triquetra motif in order to connect with, honor, and share their heritage. Celtic Christians also use the triquetra to symbolize the Trinity. Some people call this symbol by other names, such as “trinity knot” or “trefoil knot”. Trefoil means three-leafed. Many of our products have this motif, and we use the symbol on our logo in order to easily identify us as a Celtic company.

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