Copper Triskle Necklace
Copper Triskle Necklace Copper Triskle Necklace

Copper Triquetra Necklace Add to wishlist


  • Made in the USA
  • Copper Pendant and Chain
  • 18″ Copper Chain
  • Triquetra with Circle Design
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Copper Triquetra Necklace

Made in the USA from beautiful copper. Measures 1″ across and includes 18″ copper chain.

Believed by many to be an ancient symbol of Celtic beliefs, the triskle appears in various forms in pre-Celtic and Celtic art with the earliest examples having been carved on pre-Celtic stone monuments. With later examples found in Celtic Christian art. It is also believed that the triskelle/triskle represents the three faces of the Goddess (virgin, mother, crone) and was later adopted to represent The Holy Trinity.

  • Made in the USA
  • Copper Pendant and Chain
  • 18″ Copper Chain
  • Triquetra with Circle Design

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