Norse Wolf Torc Extra Heavy Braid

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  • The Norse Wolf Torc Extra Heavy Braid’s wire braid (approximately ⅝ inches (16 mm) thick) ensures strength, quality, and elegance.
  • It’s available in either bronze or silver to suit your preference and to match your jewelry collection.
  • This piece features terminals embellished with growling wolf heads, a powerful Norse mythological symbol of rebellion.
  • Please allow 6-16 weeks for delivery of this unique, hand-crafted piece, custom-made by hand in the USA  just for you.


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Adorn your neck for any Celtic occasion with this Norse Wolf Torc necklace in the extra heavy braid style! The wolf is a symbol of power and rebellion in Norse mythology, with symbolism reaching into Celtic roots as well. You’ll feel every bit as powerful, competent, and resilient as the strength imbued into this stunning accessory. This torc comes in either bronze or silver. Regardless of your choice, the dynamism present in this necklace remains unchanged. This torc is handmade in the USA and made custom just for you, so please allow 6-16 weeks for delivery. Wear this image of strength and rebellion and unleash your inner Celtic wolf!

1 review for Norse Wolf Torc Extra Heavy Braid

  1. David

    My torc arrived today. WOW. It is beautiful !!! I love it.

    Thank you very much.

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