• Made of Sterling Silver
  • Large Turquoise Stone
  • Two Triquetras on Either Side of the Stone
  • Available in Whole Sizes 6-10
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  • Made to Order in the USA
  • 3 Semi-precious Stones
  • Measures Approx. 2.25″ in Diameter
  • 4 Combinations of Stone and Metal

Custom Order. Please allow 6-16 weeks for delivery. Click for important information.

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Claddagh Earrings with Green Stone
  • Made with Sterling silver and emerald green cubic zirconia stone
  • Measures 31 mm (or 1.2 inches) with sturdy but intricate construction
  • Features the Celtic knot design (represents eternity) and Claddagh symbol (represents love, friendship, and loyalty)
  • Perfect gift for a special someone in your life and is a fine piece of jewelry for any occasion
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  • Height: 31 mm (1.2 inch)
  • Stone: Synthetic Emerald
  • Metal Material: Sterling Silver
  • Claddagh design with inset CZ Emerald
  • Celtic Knot
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Colored Stone Plaid Brooch
  • The Five Stone Plaid Brooch is cast by Scottish craftsmen in Glasgow, Scotland, for reliable Scottish authenticity.
  • This unique cast pewter brooch features five stones in a star pattern. Choose from red, green, yellow, purple, or blue.
  • Its intricately detailed Celtic knot design provides a uniquely Celtic look and feel.
  • With a diameter measuring approximately 2.5 inches, this is a light and subtle brooch ideal for everyday wear.


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  • 5 stones in 3 colors
  • Black, Blue, and Yellow
  • Celtic Cross without Shaft
  • Clear, Detailed Metal Embossing
  • Antiqued Metal
  • Multi-faceted Stones
  • Cut, Gem Shaped Cabochons
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Inverurie Pewter Plaid Brooch
  • Made in Glasgow, Scotland, the Inverurie Pewter Plaid Brooch uses the finest quality pewter
  • The Celtic inspiration is evident in the knot border design that is inspired by the Pictish stone carvings of Inverurie
  • It measures 2.5 inches in diameter–ideal for a great kilt or a beautiful accessory for your fly plaid
  • Choose from 5 stone colors: blue, green, purple, red, and yellow
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