Dirks and Daggers

  • Well-made Renaissance dagger with a 6-inch long, good-quality, stainless steel blade
  • Features patterned black wood handle and included leather sheath with subtle Celtic braid design
  • Comes with a belt loop to fit up to a 2-inch belt for your convenience
  • Perfect for collectors, reenactments, or Celtic festivals
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From: $25.00
  • The Bollock Dagger it suggests male anatomy and was traditionally used as a peasant utility knife in Scotland from the 1300s (similar to a dirk)
  • It comes with a 7-inch stainless steel blade that measures 12 inches overall with a real wood handle
  • Customize by upgrading to a good-quality black or brown leather sheath
  • Add an interesting (if slightly bawdy) part of history to your collection. It also works as a fun conversation starter
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  • Well-made Sgian Dubh made in Scotland with 3.5 inches real Damascus steel blade
  • Genuine stag antler handle for a unique and one of a kind authentic look
  • Comes with a leather sheath embossed with a traditional Celtic knot design
  • Perfect for collectors, practical use, and traditional reenactments
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  • 4.5″ Damascus Steel Blade
  • Brass Inlaid Hilt
  • Measures 9″ Overall
  • Fine Quality Brown Leather Sheath
    • Includes a Leather Loop Attachment
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  • Channel your inner Highland warrior with the Damascus Sgian Achlais with Rosewood and Olivewood Grip, perfect for authentic Celtic outfits.
  • The Sgian Achlais comes with a fine quality leather sheath, brass inlaid hilt, and rosewood and olivewood grip.
  • A leather loop on the back side of the sheath attaches to a cord, rope, or standard belt. 
  • The Damascus steel blade measures 4½ inches, and the entire knife measures 9 inches.
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