5 Yard Premium Wool Kilts

These 5 Yard Premium Wool Kilts, heirloom-quality kilts are tailor-made in Scotland just for you.

We call them 5 yard kilts, but they are really made from 4–6 yards of tartan, depending on your size. Because there’s less fabric, the pleats are a bit shallower and wider than those of a 9 yard kilt. But they still look great, and they are a premium-quality product. Seen side-by side, they are pretty hard to tell the difference. The most noticeable difference is, walking around in a 9 yard kilt, you’ll notice more “swish” because of the extra fabric.

On a budget, or for hot weather wear, a light weight 5 yard kilt can be a real advantage.  

We work with 6 different woolen mills to bring you the largest possible selection of tartans. There are more than 1,000 tartans to choose from! (Not all tartans are available in all weights.)

All Premium Wool Kilts are custom-made just for you. Please allow 6-10 weeks for delivery. Please click or tap here for important information about custom-orders, and our Right Fit™ Guarantee.

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