Sgian Dubhs

Tucked into the top of your kilt hose or boot, sgian dubhs is an important accessory to compliment your kilt, and complete your outfit. Choose from Dress, Day, Stag Horn, Sgian Bru, Safety, and Standard sgian dubhs. 

These weapons are very traditional, and are almost always seen in a complete outfit. The blade averages 3 to 4 inches. As a result, the total length averages 7 to 8 inches in length. You can find them in both single and double edged varieties. These would come in handy in everyday life for the Scotsmen of old, whether they were working the field or in a shop.

Dress Sgian Dubhs

You can wear a Dress Sgian Dubh anytime, whether formal or casual, but traditionally these are fancy and intended for full formal dress.

Day Sgian Dubhs

Day, or “day wear” sgian dubhs are traditionally worn with more casual attire for work or play. Antler, horn, and wood are common materials for the handles. No surprise, since these originated as the common man’s or working man’s SD, and they worked with what materials they had available.

Today, you can wear this with any kilt or attire you want to. If you want to wear your stag horn or blackwood with a formal kilt and Prince Charlie, then please do! In general, they tend to go best with more casual wear rather than formal outfits.

Sgian Bru

Stick it in your sock, just like a sgian dubh. But, surprise! It’s a bottle opener! Do you travel to or attend events that don’t allow “weapons”? If you have to carry a fake one anyway, you might as well have some fun with it! Carry a Sgian Bru™!

Safety Sgian Dubh

It’s hard to like a fake, but it’s a nice option to have if you know you are going to be somewhere that the real thing isn’t allowed. (It’s worth mentioning that drunken groomsmen are less likely to get themselves into trouble if you have given them fakes!)

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