Kilt Pins

Kilt Pins are both decorative and functional. They are generally not divided into categories of casual or formal, like some other accessories. They look nice, and they add some weight to the front apron of your kilt to keep it from blowing in the breeze.

How to wear it

You wear a kilt pin on the bottom outside corner on the front apron of your kilt. It should only be pinned through the outside layer of fabric! Otherwise it will bunch up funny, and possibly tear your kilt! 

How to choose yours

The great thing about these, is that you get your choose what you like! Personal preference is the go-to with these traditional dress items. If you’ve got a lot of Clan crest items, then you might go for a Clan crest kilt pin. If you’re looking for something representing your connection to nature, we’ve got stag horn and grouse foot pins available. However, if neither of those speaks to you, we have many other stylish kilt pins for you to browse and choose from.

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