Quality Kilt Belts

Our quality kilt belts is made in Scotland from quality black leather. Compatible with all standard kilt belt buckles. Available in pebble grain, Celtic embossed, smooth, and Masonic varieties.

Measures 2 ¼ inches wide (standard width for a kilt belt), with a comfortable velcro closure. The velcro closure allows for a wide range of adjustability. That said, once you fit your belt to your waist, you shouldn’t have to adjust it again (unless you gain or lose a little in the waist). Because of the way these are designed, you have to worry less about stretching than with a regular leather belt.

Quality Belts

Above all, our quality line of products are built to last longer and look better than the rest. We personally use our quality kilt belts in our rental products because they can take the wear and tear of constant use, and still look nice. If you’re looking to complete your outfit with top of the line accessories, then look no further than here!

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Showing all 4 results