We have a wide range of bodhrans and accessories to choose from. Bodhrans, tippers (beaters), cases, tutors, and more.


It’s light and strong, and makes a good bodhran. Willow bodhrans don’t sound quite as nice as the heavier, more expensive ones, but they are still very good. Built with a cross-hatch handle, clear lacquer finish, and a real goatskin head. Each includes one tipper. (Tipper will be randomly selected for you by one of our shipping assistants).


These solid hardwood bodhrans are extremely well made. Solid wood generally sounds better (although some would disagree), it’s heavier, it feels sturdier, and these are constructed the same way they have been for hundreds of years.


The modern, laminated wood frame is light and strong, and is supposed to be less sensitive to changes in humidity and temperature than solid-wood frames. Each is made with a high-quality, traditional goat-skin head. Note Waltons Painted Head and Professional bodhrans are also built with laminate frames.