Celtic Books

  • 3 books included
  • All softcover
  • Printed in Scotland
  • Perfect for some at-home learning!
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  • Revised and Expanded
  • By Charles MacLean
  • Color Photos of Each Bottle of Whisky
  • 383 Pages
  • Softcover
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  • Scotch Whisky—All You Need To Know. If you love Scotch Whisky, you absolutely need this comprehensive guide
  • Hundreds of vivid full-color images to whet your appetite for Scotch (as if your appetite needs any whetting)
  • Ever wanted to tour a distillery? This guide features hundreds of pictures and articles of the top distilleries and more
  • Learn the truth behind the legends. From the origins of Scotch to the smugglers that risked their lives, to the shipwreck of the S/S Politician (AKA the Whisky Galore)
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  • Made in Scotland
  • Fits in Your Sporran
  • Measures 4.5″ x 6″
  • Soft Cover
  • 96 Pages
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  • Adapted from “Old Scottish Customs: Local and General” by E J Guthrie, published in 1885 and illustrated by John MacKay
  • A fun and educational read and features 74 pages in a softcover format
  • Outlines the history of Scottish customs and superstitions, including which ones survive to our day
  • Learn more about your heritage. Measures 5.25 inches x 8.25 inches
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  • A guide to ancestral tartans Tartan For Me! (9th Edition) written by Philip D. Smith, Jr. (Ph.D., FSTS, GTS, FSA Scot) 
  • This book offers tartan history for thousands of surnames and is the 9th Edition of this volume researched in 2011
  • Softcover book with 249 pages that provides supplemental maps for additional clues for your family history and color significance
  • Uncover your family’s history for thousands of Scottish, Cornish, Welsh, Manx, Irish, and non-Celtic surnames
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  • 142 pages with over 70 color illustrations.
  • 200+ black and white line drawings and photographs.
  • Well-explained instructions for every step.
  • Clear, large, and complete illustrations for every step.
  • Spiral-bound so the open book lies flat for easy reference.b
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