Tartan Shawls and Wraps

Scottish, Irish, and Welsh tartan shawls, stoles, wraps, and serapes are very popular in Scotland. They have been made and worn there for years, and they’re a great way to show-off your tartan!


If it’s a chilly evening wrap up in one of our tartan serapes and stay toasty warm! (Our neighbor keeps one at work in order to stay warm in her overly-air-conditioned cubical.)  Our serapes are made to order in Scotland from 100% premium wool. 


Perfect to wrap up in on a cold day! Made in Scotland with a finished size of approximately 52” X 52” (medium weight wool) or 56” X 56” (lightweight wool) and available in on over 500 tartans. 


Tartan Stoles are a great way to represent your heritage in any setting. The stole is also a perfect way to add a bit of warmth or elegance to any ladies attire. It’s a lovely accent piece to display your tartan with any casual or formal wear.

Please enjoy our extensive online catalog of Tartan Fabrics, Highland Accessories, Kilt Accessories, Kilt Jackets, Kilt Clothing, and other quality Celtic products.

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