Clan Crest Badges and Brooches

The Celtic Croft has a wide selection of Clan Crest badges and brooches to choose from for any occasion.

Plaid brooches to pin your wedding paid in place. Clan Sash brooches for your formal night out like burns supper. Cap badges with your families crest to pin your hackle in your hat or your fly plaid on your shoulder. Embroidered badges that look great on your back pack for everyday heritage pride, and much much and more. Great Clan Crest products from our family to yours.

Cap Badges

Use these pins to pin up your fly plaid, sash, or historical kilt. Your Glengarry or balmoral will have the finished looked with this cap badge.  badges can certainly be used in your everyday life, pin your new  badge onto your backpack or tote-bag.  The possibilities are endless with these cap badges! We have many Clan Crest cap badges and brooches available!

Plaid Brooches

Our plaid brooches are perfect for fastening a heavy fly plaid, pipers plaid, great kilt and ancient kilt. They are a traditional and an essential accessory for any of these items.

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