Carleton Rugby Tartan

Carleton Rugby Tartan is made from a synthetic poly/viscose blend. As a result, it is priced right for college students who want to show and share their school pride. Carleton tartan kilts and tartan accessories are made in Scotland from a woven tartan, hand designed by Carleton alumni.

Tartan colors and meanings

The primary colors of the kilt are the proud maize and blue, representing our beloved alma mater. First, brown and green accents represent the dirt and the grass of the very heart of Carleton rugby: our home pitch. Red represents the blood and sweat every rugger sheds in pursuit of the try line. Lastly, the try line itself, is boldly represented by the woven white threads in our pattern.

Measurements and Sizing of Kilts

At least three measurements, the waist, hips, and length of the kilt, are always required. Sometimes the rise (distance above the waist) or the fall (distance from waistline to the widest part of the hips) is also required. A  properly made tailored kilt will not be loose enough to spin around your waist. Scalloping of the fabric where it’s buckled on the smallest holes is also a sign of an ill fitting kilt and should not happen. The length of your kilt should reach a point no lower than halfway across your kneecap, and no higher than about an inch above it.

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