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Wren Day Traditions

Wren Day Originally Published December 2015 The wren, the wren, the king of all birds, On St. Stephen’s Day was caught in the furze,  Although he is little his family is great, I pray you, good landlady, give us a treat… The day after Christmas, or St. Stephen’s Day, is also “Wren Day”, or “Hunt[…]

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Irish Holidays: The Lenten Season

Irish Holidays: The Lenten Season With Easter coming up, I thought I would take another look into James Mooney’s 1889 paper, The Holiday Customs of Ireland. With his theme that Catholic holiday traditions were often blended with ancient traditions and mythology, he suggested that Shrove Tuesday may be a descendant of the Bacchanalia and Lupercalia.[…]

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Irish Holidays: Saint Bridget & Saint Patrick

Irish Holidays: Saint Bridget & Saint Patrick In 1889 James Mooney Published a paper The Holiday Customs of Ireland. He found that a number of Irish holidays blended the Catholicism with ancient Celtic tradition and mythology. Some of the traditions he documented are still practiced in some regions of Ireland today. For example February 1st,[…]

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Scottish Easter/Spring Games

Originally published March 2008. Scottish Easter/Spring Games Fastern’s E’en Fastern’s E’en this “farewell to meat” before Lent is the closest thing to Mardi Gras or Carnival in Scotland. It was held on Shrove Tuesday, or the last Tuesday before Lent. It was a time to use up fat, butter and meat which was made into[…]

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Samhain “Dumb Supper”

Originally Published October 2011. Samhain “Dumb Supper” This was something I just recently ran across so I thought I would get the newsletter out before Halloween/Samhain. I’ve found a number of webpages describing the practice of a Dumb Supper (“Dumb as in “silent”) that comes from a Scottish/Irish Halloween/Samhain tradition. The Dumb Supper is said[…]