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Kilt Fashion: What is Worn Under a Kilt?


It is a question so often pondered, yet so rarely voiced, and is sure to have crossed your mind whenever you have seen someone sporting a stylish kilt.  Obviously, we are referring to wondering which clan their pattern represents. Why, what were you wondering? This (extremely logical) question aside, there is another issue which tends[…]

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Help! How Do I Wear A Kilt?

5 men in kilts

While many people are familiar with a kilt, few people outside of the British Isles know how to wear one properly. There are different kinds of kilts depending on the occasion.  At The Celtic Croft, we specialize in all things Celtic, from kilts to accessories and more. If you have never worn a kilt before,[…]

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What Is A Sporran And How Do I Wear It?

Prince Charles Sporran

Of all the questions you thought you’d ask in your life, I’m willing to bet that the definition and use of a ‘sporran’ was unlikely to be top of the list. You live your life, blissfully unaware of a vast swathe of Scottish history. That is, of course, until you need to wear one. The[…]

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Do the Irish Wear Kilts?


Well, do the Irish wear kilts? Of course, they do. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be in business. If you don’t believe us, take a gander at our web site Kilts-N-Stuff, where we specialize in all things Celtic, including Kilts.    Yes, we know most people associate kilts with Scotland and the Scottish Highlands. They can’t help it,[…]