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Your Guide to Outlander Merchandise

Outlander scene

If you’re anything like us, chances are you’ve been dying to bring a little Outlander style to your everyday life. And why not? Being instantly transported back to the 1700s may be tricky to manage in physical terms, but we can help you bring a little Scottish magic to your 21st-century existence. We are an[…]

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Isle of Lewis “Chessmen” Revisited

Originally Published December 2009. Isle of Lewis “Chessmen” Revisited (This one leans more toward an opinion piece than most articles.) One of my first articles since taking over the Celtic History Newsletter was about the Isle of Lewis Chessmen. These have long been considered one of the more important early Chess sets found in Europe.[…]

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Scottish Gaming Folklore and History

Originally published October 2007. Scottish Gaming Folklore and History Some fun tidbits and miscellaneous notes and folklore about games played in Scotland. Playing Cards With the Devil In the 15th century the 2nd Lord of Glamis (known as Earl Beardie) was said to be avid card player. Earl Beardie and the Earl of Crawford were[…]