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What Is a Coat of Arms?

So you’ve swabbed the inside of your cheek and done the genealogy research. You’ve discovered you’re Scottish, Welsh, or Irish, or that you’re related to Robert the Bruce. You’re excited, and now you want all the swag to let people know you’re basically a highland warlord. We get it. Unfortunately, it’s no longer socially acceptable[…]

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What is the Tartan Registry?

If like so many people are the world, you have been entranced by all things Scotland, Celtic, and Outlander over the past few years, you will have noticed the predominance of the tartan whenever any proud Celt wants to demonstrate their heritage to you.  But checking out the tartan registry and deciding on a pretty[…]

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Autumn / Samhain Traditions

Originally published October 2012. Celtic History Newsletter Brought to you by The Celtic Croft and MacGregor Historic Games Autumn/Samhain Traditions I ran across an article touching on Samhain/Halloween customs beyond just the usual Halloween-related items and thought I would share some notes from it. To understand the significance of the seasonal holidays of Samhain, and[…]