Celtic Scarves by Calzeat of Scotland

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Celtic scarves by Calzeat of Scotland for men and women. Soft, fuzzy, warm, and all-around just a really nice!

Made in Scotland from a blend of wool and acrylic. The wool makes up the "warp" threads (the lengthwise base threads used in the weaving process). The acrylic makes up the weft (the back and forth threads). Because it is constructed this way, it's the soft and fuzzy acrylic that you feel against your skin. There's none of the potential itch you might feel from 100% wool, or even the usual wool blends.

Available in 4 different color/style combinations.We'll try hard to keep these in stock. If we're out of the one you want you may need to wait 3-4 weeks for delivery.

33% wool/67% acrylic. Made in Scotland by Calzeat.

Celtic Birds Olive Celtic Dogs Romany (red)
Celtic Birds Olive Celtic Dogs Romany (red)
Celtic Border Nordic Blue Celtic Border Nordic Grey
Celtic Border Nordic blue
Celtic Border Nordic Grey
I bought the celtic birds and it looks great.
Lovely....Great for man or women..I think I'll be ordering more of these...
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