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Highland Wear Info

What is Scottish Highland Wear?

Scottish highland wear, or highland dress, refers to the traditional dress of Scotland. There are several different styles of the Scottish highland wear ranging from casual to full formal outfits. It also depends on whether you’re looking for an authentic 1500’s highland wear look or more modern day attire.  Below are each kind of style and what they would usually consist of.



The standard gentlemen's casual look                                Semi-Formal Standard look                                   Full Formal Standard look, also the ladies tartan gown.


A gentlemen’s casual highland wear would usually consist of, but is not limited to, the following items; a kilt (of course!), a jacobite shirt, belt and buckle, sporran, kilt pin, and kilt hose. These are not the only things can be worn with a casual highland wear outfit though as there are many optional accessories that one can add.


The semi-formal attire would be the middle step in between casual and the full formal look. It’s a way of looking a little more put together without going the whole nine yards. A gentlemen’s semi-formal style outfit would usually consist of, but again is not limited to, the following; a kilt (insert obvious comment here), belt and buckle, sporran, kilt shirt, argyle jacket, ghillie brogues (traditional Scottish shoes), kilt hosekilt pin, and flashes.

Full Formal

The full formal look is the whole kit and caboodle, and generally consists of, but as always is not limited to; the kilt, belt and buckle, sporran (a fancy one), a kilt shirt, a prince Charlie jacket, kilt hose, flashes, ghillie brogues, and a fly plaid.

Great Kilt Attire

The great kilt is the center piece of this style, and is the most common and easily recognized historic-style kilt. When you wear your great kilt more than half the fabric is above the belt and can be tucked into you belt, pinned over your shoulder, or worn as a cloak. A great kilt is most often worn with kilt hose, flashes, sporran, and era correct shoes.

Ancient Kilt Attire

Ancient kilts are the same style kilts worn in the movie Braveheart. Depending upon who you talk to, they may be historically accurate or not, but they are much cooler than the great kilt for hot weather. Accessories usually worn with an ancient kilt would be a jacobite shirt, leather vest, bracers, and boots.


                  Great kilt Standard                                                                 Ancient Kilt Stadard



         Kilted Skirt                            Example of sash and hostess kilted skirt                     Erasaid example

Ladies highland wear is not as extensive as gentlemen’s. Generally ladies highland wear consisted of a kilted skirt, and a tartan sash or shawl. There was also the Erasaid, what is known as the ladies great kilt. For more information on erasaids see our erasaid history page. Here at The Celtic Croft we do carry many modern versions of ladies highland wear such as tartan gowns or kilted mini skirts. Take a look at our great Ladieswear section for all of our ladieswear products.


                                   Tartan Gown example                       Kilted Mini skirt example


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