OUTLANDER Poly/Viscose Fraser Tartan Fabric


Jamie's wedding tartan! Official OUTLANDER Fraser Tartan, made from wool-free poly/viscose.

These poly/viscose tartans are a wool-free version of the tartans created for, and worn by your favorite characters, in OUTLANDER The Series! Now you can have your very own OUTLANDER poly/viscose Tartan! 

Whether you are allergic to wool, or just want a great looking tartan for less than premium wool, our OUTLANDER synthetic blend is a great way to go! Our Poly/Viscose Tartan is hard wearing and cool to wear. To the untrained eye it is nearly indistinguishable from expensive 100% wool tartan. The OUTLANDER tartans are woven as a hopsack plain weave with a wash only, to give it that natural look.

65/35 blend of polyester and viscose (rayon). The weight of the fabric is 12 oz., woven 60" wide, with a finished selvedge. Woven in the UK. Priced per yard.

Are you planning an OUTLANDER themed wedding? What better way than to wear Jamie's wedding tartan?

The colors chosen are weathered and earth-tone colors common to the era depicted in OUTLANDER: The Series. The fabric for the production was specifically woven in a looser, more rustic weave, just like you would expect from the looms of the 18th century. In short, every effort was made to ensure authenticity.

Please Note — Our OUTLANDER product licensing agreement allows us to ship Outlander products to U.S. and Canadian addresses only.

Jamie's OUTLANDER Fraser Tartan Wedding Kilt


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