Dirks and Daggers

The Celtic Croft has a great selection of OUTLANDER-inspired accessories. The dirk is optional, but still an important part of any Highland dress. Originally it was both a weapon and a utility tool. Eventually it evolved into a stylized dress accessory. A perfect compliment to your OUTLANDER kilt or attire.
Damascus Ebony Dirk This beautiful ebony dirk has a Damascus steel blade, and decorative brass inlay. This dirk is patterned after the early Scottish...

Bollock Dagger The Bollock Dagger appeared in Scotland as early as the 1200's, and remained popular until Victorian sensibility deemed the design...

Damascus Rosewood Dirk A little shorter than the typical dirk at 14" overall, but definitely a dirk all the same. This is a really nice piece! My first...
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Damascus Sgian Achlais with Rosewood and Olivewood Grip These knives are the coolest weapons to come through here in a long time ” possibly ever!...
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10 inch Renaissance Dagger  This dagger will look great with almost any Celtic outfit. It also seems to be equally popular with both men and women....
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