Kilt Strap Extenders set of 3

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Kilt Strap Extenders set of 3

Have you gained a few inches around the waist? Your kilt doesn't quite fit anymore? (We like to call this "kilt shrinkage") Breathe some more life into your kilt with strap extenders! These handy extenders attach to any standard 1 1/4" leather kilt straps, and add up to 5 more inches! High-quality leather straps and buckles, made in Scotland. Sold as a set of three.

These 3 little life savers are fantastic. My kilt shrunk in the closet over the winter (sure) and these extenders allowed me to ware my kilt again without being a muffin top. Thank you Joseph and Lorie
I am not quite ready for these but wanted to have them handy, just in case. They are a good match for my kilt straps and are of good quality. I only have 1 kilt (which I've had for 20+ years) and these extenders will ensure I am able to wear it for many more.
These are a great idea! I'm not quite ready for them yet but I wanted to be ready. They match my kilt straps almost perfectly and are nicely made. I now know Ill be able to wear my one and only kilt for the rest of my life (it's already 20+ years old).
Great product for a reasonable price!
Great addition when your kilt (a-hem!) shrinks in the laundry. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!
When you need them this is the very best way to go.
Good idea to order them for all your kilts so no need to keep switching.
Yes, I've put on a few pounds. These extender straps allow me to continue using my weekender kilt! Thanks!
Worked out great and got here in good time. Thanks.
The kilt extenders helped me fix a kilt that I would never wear again. I only needed a few inches to repair my old straps and they worked. Thanks
I have the McEase Extenders as well as this product. McEase is a great product but these extenders seem to be better suited to my gear and have breathed new life into my beloved 1st kilt purchased 30 years ago.
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