Super Duper Kilt Hanger

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Super Duper Kilt Hanger

Our Super-Duper Kilt Hanger will securely hold your very heaviest "tank" kilts! We tested our prototype with the thickest, heaviest kilt we could find — we gave it a good solid shaking, and it didn't even budge. One of our requirements for this hanger is for use with our own kilt inventory while traveling to events. We wanted to be sure our kilts don't fall off the hangers while bumping and jostling in the trailer over hundreds of miles of pot-holed highways. If a kilt will stay on the hanger under those conditions, it will certainly survive your closet!

Our sturdy bamboo hanger is 20 inches long with a smooth lacquer finish. And it has four strong, rubber-coated, rust-free, snag-free, adjustable, metal clamps. Hanging your kilt or kilted skirt with our kilt hanger will prevent creases and wrinkles caused by folding. We designed this hanger ourselves to be the best kilt hanger you'll ever own! We chose bamboo not only because it looks great, but it's also a 100% renewable resource!

  • Made from 100% renewable bamboo
  • 20" Long
  • 4 strong, rubber-coated, rust-free, snag-free, adjustable, metal clamps
  • Holds the heaviest of kilts
  • Prevents wrinkles and creases
  • Buy more and SAVE!

Buy more and SAVE!

We offer an excellent volume discount on our NEW and Improved Super-Duper Kilt Hanger, as you can see from the chart below. Whether you are ordering for a pipe band or organization, or you're a kilt entusiast with an extensive personal kilt collection, you can save a lot of money by buying 10 or more hangers. 

1 Hanger for $20
2 or 3 Hangers for $15 each
4+ hangers for only $12 each
10+ hangers for only $10 each
20+ hangers for only $9 each
30+ hangers for only $8 each 


Also see our NEW and Improved Kilt Carrier Bag — made to fit our Kilt Hangers perfectly! Get a FREE Kilt Hanger with each bag purchase!

This was my 2nd hanger order. Having the 4 clips makes a big difference in hanging up the kilt.
These are great hangers. We now have all 6 of the kilts hanging up. I no longer have to worry about finding them on the floor where they fell of the hangers.
Just what we wanted. Heavy duty and sturdy.
This kilt hanger was just what I wanted at a great price.
Yep, does just what everyone else says it does, and does it very well. Is long enough and strong enough, even with an attached fly.
Great hanger for my son's kilt!
Best kilt hangers... evah!
Finally a kilt hanger that really works. Great price and ultra fast shipping.
I have a very heavy kilt and this hanger holds up to the task. I can barely fit the clasps over the material and it still holds steadfast. I would certainly recommend it for everyone!!
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