NEW and Improved Kilt Carrier Bag (with FREE Kilt Hanger!)

Sorry, No Longer Available

One FREE NEW and Improved Super-Duper Kilt Hanger with every Kilt Carrier purchase! A $20 value!

After a long search, we've found a garment bag that perfectly fits our Super-Duper Kilt Hanger! Every other garment bag out there has a curved top, shaped for a traditional hanger. Our NEW and Improved Kilt Carrier Bag has a square top, so your kilt, hung from our Super-Duper Kilt Hanger, will fit perfectly!

This high-quality, well-made garment bag has plenty of room for your stuff. It will fit more than one kilt if needed, plus your jacket, shirt, and other properly hung clothing. It even has two large pockets for your ghillies and other accessories.

Made from durable, black, 100% nylon fabric. Closes with sturdy nylon zipper and clips, and has a comfortable and convenient shoulder strap.

Our supplier is here in the U.S., so we should have these in stock pretty-much all the time. Convenient!

This is just what i needed talked with some one on the chat about it when they first got them in and was looking at the old one . This is the right price and has plenty of room for my Kilts , Jacket , shoes and accessories, very well made and you get a kilt Hanger with it ,
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