Welsh Ancient Kilt

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Welsh Ancient Kilt

These are the same style Kilts worn in the movie “ Braveheart ”. Our Welsh Ancient Kilts are the perfect highland attire for Renaissance festivals and other reenactment events. The Ancient Kilt is made from a long piece of single-width fabric, about 25" wide. This allows you to pleat the kilt with 2-3 yards left over that is worn over the shoulder as a plaid.

Made in the USA from medium weight (12/13 oz) premium wool Welsh tartan, woven in Wales). Welsh tartans are not woven with a kilting selvage, so Welsh kilts will be hemmed. Also, welsh tartans are woven a little looser, and have a softer feel than you will be used to if you are already familiar with Scottish tartans.

Pleating instructions are included with each kilt. Traditionally these kilts are pleated each time you wear them. We ask for size information to be sure that your kilt will fit you correctly, but we do not pleat the kilt for you unless you also select Cheater Pleats™ as an additional option.

Note — Modern kilts are generally pleated so that the front apron of the kilt closes from left to right. For years this is how we've Cheater Pleated™ our Ancient Kilts. However, many customers brought it to our attention that this makes it difficult to wear the plaid over the left shoulder, which is also customary.
So, we've decided to make all Ancient Kilts the other way — front apron closing from right to left. This makes the aprons "backwards" compared to a modern kilt, but it allows the plaid to flow up and over the left shoulder. (This is the way Mel wears it in the Braveheart movie.)
Incidentally, plaid over left shoulder is not a hard and fast rule. It most likely originated as a practical way to keep the plaid off your sword arm. If you are left-handed, you will probably want to wear the plaid over your right shoulder. Just let us know — we can Cheater Pleat™ your kilt either way you want!

Special order. Please allow 4-10 weeks for delivery.

A 6 yard kilt will fit up to about a 38 inch waist, an 8 yard kilt will fit up to about a 48 inch waist, and a 10 yard kilt will fit 50+ inch waist sizes. If you are much larger than this please contact us for pricing on larger kilts. Also, If your waist size is close to one of these limits, consider the next size larger if you want deeper pleats or pleats closer together. For example:
If you have a 38 inch waist, a 6 yd ancient kilt will have pleats 1.5 - 2 inches wide and 3-4 inches deep. An 8 yd ancient kilt will have pleats approximately 1 inch wide and 3-4 inches deep or 1.5 - 2 inches wide and 6-8 inches deep. In this example a 10 yd kilt would be overkill with a 38 inch waist, but it would have pleats about 1 inch wide and 6-8 inches deep. It would be possible to hand-pleat a kilt like this, but we couldn't Cheater Pleat™ it for you, because it would be too thick for our sewing machine!

6 yds (fits up to about 38in waist)
8 yds (fits up to about a 48in. waist)
10 yds (fits 50in.+ waist sizes)

How to measure for your Ancient Kilt:
1) Measure the waist size at your actual waist, where you usually wear your pants.
2) Measure the length from your waist to about the middle of the knee.
Have someone help you. If you bend even a little while trying to do it yourself, the measurement will change.

Custom Order. Please allow 6-16 weeks for delivery. Click for important information.

Please allow 6-16 weeks for delivery. Click for important information.
Spending money for a kilt and tartan fabric I have only seen on the internet can be daunting, but the Pride of Wales tartan was every bit as beautiful as expected, and the kilt is first rate. Thanks to all of you!
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