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The AcryliKilt


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Price: $59.00

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The AcryliKilt

View our Selection of Acrilikilt™ Tartans

The AcryliKilt™ is the very best kilt you're going to get for $59 or less! The AcryliKilt™ is constructed almost as well as our Economy Kilt. Why so cheap? The biggest difference is in the fabric. The AcryliKilt™ is made from low-cost but good-looking, light-weight, 100% acrylic tartan fabric. (Our Economy Kilt is made from a medium-weight poly/wool blend.)

The straps and buckles on an AcryliKilt™ are good, but not as good as those on an Economy Kilt.  They do have belt loops though, which is one of the most-requested features.

As always, all of our products are guaranteed. If you're looking for a decent kilt on the cheap, give it a try! If you don't like it, you're welcome to send it back for a refund or exchange. We think you'll be happy with your kilt, but if not, we still want you to be happy with us. If you are unsure, then consider our Economy Kilt instead. It's a better kilt, and it's still under $100.

19 tartans to choose from! We're going to try hard to keep these in stock in Night Watch and Irish Green. If your size happens to be out of stock, and for all other tartans, please allow 4–10 weeks for delivery.

View our Selection of Acrilikilt™ Tartans

How To Measure for Your AcryliKilt

1) Measure your waist size in inches at the navel (belly button). This is the traditional kilt waist. Alternatively, for a more casual look, many prefer to wear their kilts at the pants waist. If this is what you choose, then measure comfortably around your waist where the top of your pants rest.
2) Measure around your hips at the fullest point (usually 6-8 inches below the waist). Note — these kilts have about 4 inches of hip built in. If your hip measurement is more than 4 inches larger than your waist size, then the kilt is not going to fit as well as it should.
3) Measure from your waist (kilt waist or pants waist accordingly) to about the middle of the knee. This is usually best done with some help because if you bend over even a bit, your measurement will not be correct. Choose 21"L or 23"L whichever is closest to your measurement. Your kilt length will look fine worn anywhere from the top to the bottom of your knee. If your measurement ends up enough longer than 23" or shorter than 21", then consider an Economy kilt instead.

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