Economy Sporran Chain Strap

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Economy Sporran Chain Strap

Economy straps are kinda' crappy, but they get the job done (I still have one on my sporran that I've been wearing for several years). Made from a questionable leather-like substance. Available in two sizes: regular (fits up to about a 46 inch waist), and XL (fits up to about a 56 inch waist).

  • Kinda' crappy
  • But gets the job done
  • Made from a questionable leather-like substance
  • Size Regular fits up to about a 46 inch waist
  • Size XL fits up to about a 56 inch waist
Perfect for what I needed, and at a great price too. I would definitely recommend this to anyone.
Really kinda surprised how nice it was for the price. Not often do I have the opportunity to save money on larger sized items for my husband ($60 kilt hose, for example). Would recommend to anyone!
My sporran came with a Regular (46") but I needed something bigger, so I ordered the XL (56"). The regular was too short, the XL was a bit too long, but half of one plus half of the other was a perfect fit.
I'm a little larger than when I purchased all my gear and I was really expecting to use this Sporran Chain Strap to extend my more expensive one. It's so nice I used it alone and will continue. Very good item for the price.
As others have said, this item is not luxurious but it is attractive and absolutely acceptable. A very good value for the price.
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