Celtic Embossed Sporran Suspender

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Celtic Embossed Sporran Suspender

These Celtic knot embossed sporran suspenders are really cool. The sporran suspenders allow you to attach your sporran directly to your kilt belt. Fits any standard kilt belt. Snap closure for easy on/off. Made in Scotland with good-quality leather.

  • Good-quality leather
  • Celtic knot embossed design
  • Made in Scotland
  • Fits any standard kilt belt
  • Snap closure for easy on/off
I have a chain strap and is perfect for a more formal dress, but I LOVE these suspenders! Perfect for Highland casual dress and it is so easy to put on. The Celtic embossing matches my sporran and belt!
These are a great alternative to traditional sporran strap/chains. The quality is top-notch and they hang my sporran at just the right spot. I am looking forward to wearing these at an event.
This is a great alternative to a traditional sporran strap. The quality is excellent, especially considering the price! I tried it out in my bedroom and it hangs very nicely. I am looking forward to wearing it to an actual event.
Just what I needed. Make sure you have this sporran suspender to complete your wear. A+
Love this item! Too bad the brown are more expensive and don't have the braid pattern.
My son, who is on the heavy side, loves these instead of another thing around his waist besides the belt. Worked fine for the wedding.
These straps are just what I've been looking for. If your like me and get tired of the traditional chain, I highly suggest this product. It's much quicker and easier to put on, it doesn't get in the way and it still looks snazzy!
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