Antiqued Stag Knot Dress Sporran

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Antiqued Stag Knot Dress Sporran

This is a Stag design formal dress sporran with an antique finish and cross chaining. The top (Cantle) is made in pewter and has a lovely mellow finish. This dress sporran is made in a grey bovine skin , but can also be made in black bovine. The bovine fur is unique to each sporran, so colors will vary. This sporran is hand crafted in Glasgow by dedicated and experienced craftsmen specializing in Sporran making. Please specify when ordering. Price includes a matching chain strap. Please allow 3-8 weeks for delivery.


In Celtic legend, which predates heraldry, the stag is a very powerful symbol. In early history, the stag in Ireland and Scotland was a very large and powerful animal. One of the rituals relating to leadership was to have the candidate hunt and kill a stag using only a knife made from a stag's horn. The person would then take on the persona of the stag, gaining its strength and wisdom.
Please allow 3-5 weeks for delivery.
This is a BEAUTIFUL sporran - the stag and knot is really interesting looking. Kind of unusual and not just your normal The only thing I noticed different from the photo is that the "antiqued" area is completely black and shiny, not exactly antiqued. It still looks great.
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