Wallace 52" Economy Claymore

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Wallace 52" Economy Claymore

This impressive sword is 52" long, and it's well made for it's price. It has a good-quality stainless steel blade, with a leather-wrapped handle and fore-grip. Solid brass hilt and pommel.

The blade is not very sharp, but would probably take a good edge if you had it sharpened. However, this sword is really only a show piece. It is not intended for, and would not not stand up well, to actual use.

A free sheath is included with each sword. HOWEVER, we must warn you, the included sheath is nearly useless. Really. If you try to use it, it will probably damage the leather wrapping on the blade. We would throw it away ourselves, but we've decided to let you do it instead, just in case you find some use for it.

Please see our weapons disclaimer and care instructions before purchase.

Great sword for the price. I don't plan on actually using it, but it looks great and is well balanced.
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