Clan Crest Economy Sgian Dubh


Clan Crest Economy Sgian Dubh

You won't find a more affordable clan crest sgian dubh. Build yourself and entire economy outfit, and save yourself some serious $$$! This is our economy sgian dubh with the addition of a clan crest badge set into the handle. Antiqued metal mounts with a yellow (plastic) jewel top. Please keep in mind that this is an economy item and is not nearly the quality of our Scottish sgian dubhs.

Please allow 2-8 weeks for delivery.
I was really surprised when I got this. It looks like it should cost twice as much. I was even more surprised when I took out the blade. I thought it would be a dull show piece but instead it's a great knife blade.
Outstanding value. Well made. Looks great!
A solid value for the money! Liked it so much I bought 2 more for my brothers.
This is a beautiful Sgian Dubh and I'm so glad my crest was available. This doesn't look cheap like some others I've seen and the blade is REAL so I don't feel like I'm wearing fake junk. Mahalo!
Beautiful! My son is going to love it. Appreciate the kind and courteous people at Celtic Croft who made sure the knife was to me on time to present it to him. Thanks.
Was surprised that it looked so good for the value price. Would definately buy it again.
Nicely made, glad they had my crest.
Exactly what I wanted. Good Value.
Good quality collectible with a heafty well balanced blade.
Blade is the real deal. Sharpens nicely. Handle and guard same as cheaper one. Big difference is ability to use blade as a real knife.
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