Damascus Stag Horn Sgian Dubh

  • Made in Scotland
  • Hand-carved red stag antler makes each piece unique
  • Good quality damascus steel blade
  • Includes black embossed leather sheath
  • Measures approximately 9 inches
  • Includes gift box

Damascus Stag Horn Sgian Dubh

This stag horn sgian dubh is made in Scotland with a beautiful and functional Damascus steel blade, real stag horn handle, and a Celtic embossed leather sheath. Each piece of horn is unique and random, making yours a one-of-a-kind dubh. 

In Celtic legend, which predates heraldry, the stag is a very powerful symbol. In early history, the stag in Ireland and Scotland was a very large and powerful animal. One of the rituals relating to leadership was to have the candidate hunt and kill a stag using only a knife made from a stag's horn. The person would then take on the persona of the stag, gaining its strength and wisdom.

Very well made
This is by far one of the best sgian dubhs I have ever seen. I have been looking for a damascus blade with a stag horn handle for years but this one made it well worth the wait! Fantastic!!
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