Economy Sgian Dubh Plain Handle

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Economy Sgian Dubh Plain Handle

Our regular economy sgian dubh is surprisingly good for the price, and this one is even better! The blade is high-quality stainless steel, 3 1/2" long. It comes with a really sharp, usable edge.

Plastic handle and sheath, with chrome plated, metal mounts. The fit and finish is very good. While the "gem" is still plastic, it is better quality than our standard economy sgian dubh.

I bought this for my 13 yr old son who has been playing the snare drum with a pipe band for a year now. He loved it and thought it was "cool" to wear with his uniform.
Good price for a simple item
For an attractive sgian dubh, this one is good for the price. My only complaint is that the knife does not fit as snugly as it should in the scabbard.
Well made and a good product for the price.
Good for price
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