Dress Sgian Bru


Dress Sgian Bru

It's a sgian dubh. It's a bottle opener. It's a bottle opener that looks like a sgian dubh! Whether you are attending a wedding or other event, many venues these days get all bent out of shape about "weapons". And you may not be able to convince them that your sgian dubh is not a knife, but just a simple dress accessory. In those cases, you need a sgian bru!

Besides, when drinking is involved, which is more useful? A knife, or a bottle opener? (Some would say a knife, but then you don't want to be at that party.)

NOTE — this item looks great, and as a bottle opener it functions flawlessly. But as a sgian dubh, to get it to stay in your sock properly, you'll have to sink it in a little deeper than we would like to see. Just so you know.


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