Damascus Sgian Achlais with Rosewood and Olivewood Grip

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Damascus Sgian Achlais with Rosewood and Olivewood Grip

These knives are the coolest weapons to come through here in a long time ” possibly ever!

What's a sqian achlais? It translates as arm pit dagger, and was worn concealed under the arm. Where the sgian dubh was almost certainly a utility knife, the sgian achlais was truly a concealed weapon. How exactly it was concealed is not well documented ” it's up to you to figure it out for yourself. Probably slung with a leather strap or cord. Possible just tucked into the folds of a great kilt, or inside a jacket.

Each knife has a glorious 4 1/2" damascus steel blade, and brass-inlaid hilt. Measures 9" overall.

Each includes a fine-quality black leather sheath. The back side of the sheath has a leather loop, for attaching the knife to your person with the afore-mentioned leather strap or cord. (Or to a belt, but the loop is not wide enough for a kilt belt.)

Please see our weapons disclaimer and care instructions before purchase.

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