Knight's Dagger

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Knight's Dagger

This dagger is really nice! Well-made, with a good-quality stainless steel blade, wire-wrapped handle, and a steel sheath that fits like a glove. It feels solid, and it makes a satisfying sound as you draw it from the sheath! The double-edged blade is as sharp as the lawyers will allow.

This dagger seems to be equally popular with both men and women.

Though it's not a Scottish dirk, it'll still look great with almost any Scottish outfit. Also popular with any Renaissance festival or other reenactment costumes.

10 1/4" blade, 16" overall length (17 1/2" including the sheath).

I love it ! The weight is great; it fits nice and snug in the frog of my cross belt, hangs at the correct angle and makes the belt stay where it belongs. The pattern is beautiful, and continues all along the sheath. Easy to draw out and back of the sheath. Nice comments for all my piping colleagues. Thanks for this product, I highly recommend. A friend told me he could hone it for me, we'll see about that!
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