Stag Handle Damascus Steel Dirk

This beautiful Scottish stag handle dirk is made in Scotland with naturally shed stag antler and a quality Damascus steel blade. This dirk is patterned after the early Scottish ballock knives (or Kidney Knife to the Victorians). It is a beautiful dirk that will look great with almost any outfit. Well-made, with a good-quality, full-tang, "backed" (single edged and wedge-shaped in cross section) Damascus steel blade. Includes a black or brown leather sheath as shown. 18 inch overall length. Because the handle is natural stag antler, each dirk is unique and will vary from the featured dirk.

The dirk is optional, but still an important part of any Highland dress. Originally it was both a weapon and a utility tool. Eventually it evolved into a stylized dress accessory. A perfect compliment to your Outlander kilt or attire.

Please see our weapons disclaimer and care instructions before purchase.

Made to order in Scotland. Please allow 3-8 weeks for delivery. For more information about special orders click HERE.

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