Bollock Dagger

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Bollock Dagger

The Bollock Dagger appeared in Scotland as early as the 1200's, and remained popular until Victorian sensibility deemed the design "inappropriate". (Yes, it is supposed to look like exactly what you think it looks like!)

Although a little shorter, it serves essentially the same function as a dirk. 7" stainless steel blade, 12" overall length. Real wood handle, and leather sheath.

Note - Unfortunately the sheath is kinda crappy. They changed the sheath design on us recently, and now it is this terrible red color, and questionable quality leather. The knife is great though, so please don't let the sheath turn you off. We offer a replacement - our quality, handcrafted sheaths! Available in brown and black!

As is noted in the product description, the sheath is complete worthless garbage. The knife won't even fit into it. On the plus side, though, for $20 you get a knife with a well made handle, and a fairly decent stainless steel blade which comes duller than a butter knife, but will take and hold an edge fairly well. I made my own sheath for it, and when I wear it I always get compliments/questions.
Dagger should raise some eyebrows
excellent with my belted plaid thankx
A fun addition to your kilt belt.
You can never have enough bollocks.
A great conversation piece and a good draw item at renaissance fairs.
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