Damascus Rosewood Dirk

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Damascus Rosewood Dirk

This damascus rosewood dirk is a little shorter than the typical dirk at 14" overall, but definitely a dirk all the same. This is a really nice piece! My first impression was that the handle is shaped kinda funny. But when you grab ahold of the grip, you instantly understand. It feels wonderful in the hand, and provides a perfect hand-hold for stabbing. Actually makes one feel kinda "stabby" just to hold it! 8 1/2" damascus steel blade. Brass-inlaid rosewood grip. Includes a good-quality leather sheath.

  • Brass-inlaid rosewood grip
  • includes leather sheath
  • 8.5" damascus blade
  • 14" overall length
  • Great grip
  • Will compliment your outfit

What is a dirk?

dirk is a long thrusting dagger. Historically, it was a personal weapon of officers engaged in naval hand-to-hand combat during the Age of Sail as well as the personal sidearm of Highlanders.

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