Celtic Dagger

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Celtic Dagger

Add this good-looking Celtic dagger to your collection! Just for fun, or as an accessory for one of your kilts. (Also looks great with Ren-Fest or other garb.)

Features a good-quality stainless-steel blade (not very sharp as is, but it will take a nice edge if you sharpen it), plastic handle and sheath (they look like they're leather-wrapped), antiqued pewter-finish metal mounts, and a red plastic "gem" in the pommel. This Celtic dagger is not based on any particular historic design or museum piece, but it still looks cool! Feels sturdy, with a good fit in the sheath.

9 1/2" blade, 14 1/2" overall length (15 1/4" including sheath).

We have hung this on the wall as part of a family crest decorative display. It looks great and was just as represented in the description.
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