Medium Weight Irish Formal Kilt

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Medium Weight Irish Formal Kilt

Our Irish Formal kilts are woven and made to order in Scotland from 100% medium weight (12/13oz) new wool. The pleats are hand stitched with meticulous attention to detail. Formal kilts are perfect for any occasion, but especially nice for a kilted Irish wedding. If your tartan is available in medium weight we generally recommend this weight for durability and crisper pleats. Choose pleat to sett or pleat to stripe.

Special order. Please allow 6–12 weeks for delivery.

Measuring Instructions:

(1) Measure comfortably around your middle, at your navel (belly button). This is your kilt waist. If you have a bit more around the middle than you might like to have (like I do), you may want to measure a little higher than the navel to get over the crest of the "beer gut". The higher waist will help your kilt stay up where it belongs.

(2) Measure around your hips at the fullest point (usually 6-8 inches below the kilt waist).

(3) Measure from your kilt waist to about the middle of the knee. Have someone help you. If you bend even a little while trying to do it yourself, the measurement will change.

(4) Your height.

Please allow 4-12 weeks for delivery.

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