Irish Tartan AcryliKilt (Special-Order)

$5 savings when purchased with your kilt.

Irish Tartan AcryliKilt™

This is a special-order item. Please allow 4-10 weeks for delivery.

Don't let anyone fool you! Any kilt for less than 59 bucks is gonna be crappy! At $59, that makes our new AcryliKilt only kinda crappy! There are cheaper kilts out there to be found, but on the scale of crap vs. quality, our AcryliKilt is the perfect compromise.

The AcryliKilt™ is the very best kilt you're going to get for $59 or less! The AcryliKilt is constructed almost as well as our Economy Kilt. Why so cheap? The biggest difference is in the fabric. The AcryliKilt is made from low-cost but good-looking, light-weight, 100% acrylic tartan fabric. (Our Economy Kilt is made from a medium-weight poly/wool blend.)

The straps and buckles on an AcryliKilt are good, but not as good as those on an Economy Kilt.  They do have belt loops though, which is one of the most-requested features.

How To Measure for Your AcryliKilt™

1) Measure your waist size in inches at the navel (belly button). This is the traditional kilt waist. Alternatively, for a more casual look, many prefer to wear their kilts at the pants waist. If this is what you choose, then measure comfortably around your waist where the top of your pants rest.
2) Measure around your hips at the fullest point (usually 6-8 inches below the waist). Note — these kilts have about 4 inches of hip built in. If your hip measurement is more than 4 inches larger than your waist size, then the kilt is not going to fit as well as it should.
3) Measure from your waist (kilt waist or pants waist accordingly) to about the middle of the knee. This is usually best done with some help because if you bend over even a bit, your measurement will not be correct. Choose 21"L or 23"L whichever is closest to your measurement. Your kilt length will look fine worn anywhere from the top to the bottom of your knee. If your measurement ends up enough longer than 23" or shorter than 21", then considder an Economy kilt instead.

Please allow 4-10 weeks for delivery.
Love my kilt. very comfortable, fits great. Will be buying from here again and have recomended you to friends
This is my first AcryliKilt and I love it! It is extremely comfortable and looks great. I wear it to the local draft house and have had many people ask me how to get one. Awesome kilt!
These kilts are the nicest low-priced kilts I have seen. Now I can wear a kilt anytime I want and not have to worry about it. Not that it is poorly made, but it just cleans up easy and looks great anytime (and I like to wear my kilts alot). I liked them so much I ordered two of them!
Excellent kilt. Looks & fits great. I am very happy with this purchase/
The acryli-kilt is a great looking kilt. Its well made and looks great, very happy with the purchase.
An excellent first kilt, you don't wear one too often, it's hot outside (like south Texas!) kinda kilt. I love it, and the customer service folks I've talked to are top notch!
The make of the kilt is excellent...I'm just not a fan of the fabric. It kinda gives off the "beachtowel Kilt" vibe....however its perfect for doing chores around the house or taking it to the pub when you don't want to risk getting drinks spilled on a $100-400 kilt stained.
I'm still happy with my choice to purchase this product.
Purchased for my husband. Excellent quality and a superb fit in a ready-to-wear garment for a gentleman of standard measurements.
This was a Christmas gift 2011. I got it in time and he love it for a first time kilt wearer.

Thank you!
I bought this kilt for my growing grandson. I'm very pleased with the quality and the price makes it an economical buy for older children.
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