The AcryliKilt (Special-Order)

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The Acrylikilt™

Special-Order. Please allow 4-10 weeks for delivery. Please click for important information about special-order items.

The AcryliKilt™ is the very best kilt you're going to get for $59 or less! The AcryliKilt™ is constructed almost as well as our Economy Kilt. Why so cheap? The biggest difference is in the fabric. The AcryliKilt™ is made from low-cost but good-looking, light-weight, 100% acrylic tartan fabric. (Our Economy Kilt is made from a medium-weight poly/wool blend.)

The straps and buckles on an AcryliKilt™ are good, but not as good as those on an Economy Kilt.  They do have belt loops though, which is one of the most-requested features.

If you're looking for a decent kilt on the cheap, give it a try! (We think you'll be happy with your Acrylikilt™, but if you are unsure, then consider our Economy Kilt instead. It's a better kilt, and still affordable.

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How To Measure for Your Kilt

  1. Have someone help you. If you bend over even a bit, your measurement will not be correct.
  2. Measure your waist size in inches at the navel (belly button). This is the traditional kilt waist. Alternatively, for a more casual look, many men prefer to wear their kilts at the pants waist. If this is what you choose, then measure comfortably around your waist where the top of your pants rest. Or, If you intend to wear your kilt mostly for formal occasions, and you have a bit more around the middle than you might like to have, you may want to measure a little higher than the navel to get over the crest of the "beer gut". The higher waist will help your kilt stay up where it belongs.
  3. Measure around your hips (butt) at the fullest point (usually 6-8 inches below the waist).
  4. Measure from your waist (kilt waist or pants waist accordingly) to about the middle of the knee.

Your Kilt is Guaranteed to Fit!

Our goal is to make the ordering of your kilt as stress free and enjoyable as possible. The last thing you need to worry about is whether or not your kilt will fit you like it should. So, to put you at ease, we are willing to guarantee your kilt will fit! Please see our Right Fit™ Guarantee for all the details.

We look forward to handling your kilt order! Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions. (Also, we would love to have some feedback from you if our fit guarantee helped you to make your decision to order.) Thanks! 

Special-Order. Please allow 4-10 weeks for delivery. Please click for important information about special-order items.

Special-Order. Please allow up 4-10 weeks for delivery. Please click for important information about special-order items.
I looked at kilts and didn't want to spend a lot of money. I was concerned about the quality with the low price in comparison to the high end kilts. I was very surprised of the quality of the kilt and looks. It was worth money. The only down side was the length it took to get it. But worth the wait.
Some friends and I bought these kilts to wear on a golf outing. They are exactly what we thought they would be. They look and feel very authentic and will certainly do the trick that day. The only thing I would recommend and I believe they say this somewhere but make sure you get at least one size up from your normal pants size. I normally wear a 36 and got a 38 for the kilt size. It just fits me but looking back I wish I would have gotten a 40.
I got the kilt for my boyfriend and he loves it.
I was very impressed with the quality of this kilt, especially for the price (I thought it would be of a lesser quality). I sized it right and fits perfectly, thanks.
This is my first AcryliKilt and I love it! It is extremely comfortable and looks great. I wear it to the local draft house and have had many people ask me how to get one. Awesome kilt!
Just received my Black Watch AcryliKilt, and I was surprised how durable and wearable it is, regardless of price. The fit is perfect and it looks sharp as a tack. Excellent value, and I'll be ordering more!
We ordered the Black AcryliKilts as uniform items for our Celtic Tavern & Great Hall. These are absolutely a great deal!! We'll be ordering more! Thank you!
These kilts are the nicest low-priced kilts I have seen. Now I can wear a kilt anytime I want and not have to worry about it. Not that it is poorly made, but it just cleans up easy and looks great anytime (and I like to wear my kilts alot). I liked them so much I ordered two of them!
I love them so much!!! I got comments, made friends, even the wind got friendly. -- This is my first, finally! 5/5
Excellent kilt. Looks & fits great. I am very happy with this purchase/
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